When a URL redirects you do not have the opportunity to bookmark the original URL or put the original URL into a springboard shortcut. Here is how you can accomplish that feat.

1. Open safari
2. Navigate to a webpage (any page, it doesn’t matter)
3. Hit the “New Bookmark” button, select “Add Bookmark”
You will NOT be able to edit the URL here. Just press the Save button
4. Hit the “Bookmarks” button, and hit the Edit button
5. Next hit the small arrow on the right side of the bookmark you want to become your desired bookmark
6. Edit the URL to the desired destination
You now have a bookmark to the desired URL
7. Go to settings, turn on airplane mode
8. Open Safari, hit “Bookmarks”, and select your new bookmark
9. Now hit the “New Bookmark” button and select “Add to Home Screen”
10. Enter a title, the icon will be white, but don’t worry it will change when you navigate there for the first time
11. Turn off airplane mode
12. Enjoy your redirectable URL springboard shortcut!!